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Calhoun County, Texas
Quilt Guild

1st Wednesday of each month

  • 9:00 AM Social

  • 9:30 AM Meeting Starts

History & Purpose of the Calhoun County Quilt Guild


The purpose of the Calhoun County Quilt Guild is to inspire and educate the public in the artistry of quilt making and the history of quilting. This corporation provides a common organization for people who desire to support the community through quilting.


Open meetings are held monthly for members and an invitation is extended to the public through the local newspaper. Programs are presented on the history and construction of quilts. Workshops are conducted afterwards to enhance quilting skills-techniques, tools used and patterns.


To further the quilting knowledge and enjoyment, members and public are encouraged to attend the International Quilt Festival in Houston Texas. The Guild sponsors a chartered bus for this event each year. A retreat is sponsored bi-annually by the Guild. Members and guests may attend to further their knowledge and skills of quilting in a relaxed atmosphere.


         To support the fund raising activities of the community this organization has donated handmade quilts for the following projects: Calhoun County Museum for the building project (quilt was purchased by the Rotary International) and is on display in the Calhoun County Museum; Calhoun County Senior Citizens for building project; Habitat for Humanity for their building funds; Breast Cancer Awareness; The Harbor for abused women and children; Go Texas - Houston Livestock Show scholarship fund for Calhoun County.


         Individual members are encouraged to donate items for needed causes. Examples of donations are cuddly quilts for Child Protective Services for foster children; lap quilts for veterans residing in the local nursing home; wall hangings for display at Memorial Medical Hospital; blocks to construct quilts for the National Quilts of Valor and World Trade Center Memorial Quilt Project.


During odd numbered years, a two day quilt show is held. The members display quilts and other artistic items for public viewing. Also a Quilter’s Market is held in conjunction with the quilt show. Each quilt member is encouraged to enter hand-made items and other quilting materials for sale. During the quilt show the public is encouraged to purchase opportunities for a drawing to win a quilt made by the Guild. Also at that time, a membership drive is conducted to encourage the public to join the organization

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